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Live Pikashow Tv App Review

Free download Live Pikashow Tv Apk v82 (Latest Version) For Android. Now here Guys Do you watch TV shows, movies, Drama and sports, etc? If you are interested in any of the games, shows, and more you should download Pikashow APK. An app that contains many TV channels from different countries in the world. However, the most important part of this app is that it has the power to cover T20 WORLD CUP 2022. With this app, you can watch FIFA Football World Cup 2022. And also you can watch PSL 2022 and IPL 2023.

Absolutely Free App

It means you can watch all the live matches on your smartphone after downloading this Live Pikashow Tv Apk. We are well aware that you cannot carry your TVs or LEDs anywhere. So, if you have a smartphone download this app and enjoy your favorite games and games on your devices. Moreover, if you are worried about your price now don’t worry about it because it is completely free for everyone. Yes, some channels are premium but you do not need these premium tools. You can watch the T20 World Cup for free. There are many channels of similar countries, including India, Pakistan, the US, UAE, Bangladesh, Canada, and many other countries. Also, available channels are PTV Spot, Star Sport, Ten Sport, Atv, Sony TV, Star Plus, and many other channels available in one app which is Pikashow apk.

Plus, you all know that a lot of people use their time and their phones; they do not have enough time to watch TV and they do not have enough time to sit in one place. That’s why we try to help them with this app. After installing this, people are able to watch their favorite programs, movie dramas, talk shows, news, reviews, sports, and games on their mobiles and there is no need to stay in a special place. So we hope you like it and install it, the installation process is given below first read the whole article to understand everything about it.

What is a Pikashow?

Pikashow is an Android app developed by Pika Show. This is a third-party app for Android devices, containing different TV channels. For example sports stations, news channels, and entertainment channels for those people who are busy in their lives and do not have enough time to watch Tv. This is the most updated version of this app.

Pikashow Features

  • Live TV
  • Live cricket
  • T20 World Cup broadcast
  • Live Football
  • News
  • Many channels
  • Live radio
  • Different streaming sites
  • Additional features
  • Easy to use
  • Easy-to-use visual interface
  • High-quality streaming
  • It’s free to use
  • Compatible
  • He is faithful
  • Age is a factor
  • Ads for free

Application details

  • Name File: Pikashow App
  • Category: Apps
  • Version: v82
  • Android is required: 4.4+
  • Size File: 8.72 MB
  • Upload: One Day Ago
  • Published: pikashowtv.com
  • Engineer: Pika Show
  • Price: Free

Is the Picashow App secure?

Yes, the Picashow app is completely secure as it does not store all the data in its servers, providing only links with appropriate fonts and other features. So this app is illegal, you can use it without any conflict. Also, if you have any doubts I would recommend that you use a VPN.

How to download and install Pikashow APK?

Do you want to access the latest movies, tv shows, and live channels for free? This app is safe and secure because it enhances the basic capabilities of your device’s data backup system. In this article, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to download and install the app. Now don’t waste your time; download Pikashow on your smartphone or tablet and check out its amazing features.

All Versions:

All versions of the app are v60, v61, v62, v63, v64, v65, v66, v67, v68, v69, v70, v71, v72, v73, v74, v75, v76, v77, v78 v79, 82, 83 and the latest version of v83 is available for download. Also, a new version of Pikashow v78 is coming soon with new features for app lovers.

Additional Features:

Its remarkable features will amaze you. You will be amazed to know some of the amazing and incredible things that make this app so popular with movie lovers. So, let’s get started without wasting too much time.


This app works very well and smoothly with all types of Android devices; because it has the feature of good compatibility. The app offers the same functionality on Android devices.

Free to use:

The Pikashow app can be used for free and requires no registration and no additional costs. This app gives you entertainment on your Android device at no cost.

Excellent live streaming content:

You can get access to active links from 40+ OTT forums like Sony Live, Disney, Voot, Zee5, and many more.

Watch live TV:

It allows you to broadcast live, the World Cup, ICC cricket, and other world champions leagues. You can watch these live channels on 7/24 all week.

International Channel:

The Pikashow app collects various channels from around the world. The app provides high-definition services across all its live national and international broadcast channels.


The app offers a wide selection of channels for users. It also broadcasts various live channels.


This app requires a fast Wi-Fi connection to stream channels. You can stream mobile data too.

Categories of Beauty:

In the Pikashow app, everything is available in an orderly fashion: movie titles, web series, TV shows, live channels, and documentaries. It helps you to select and browse easily.

Easy-to-use interface:

This new app has an easy-to-use interface that sets it apart from all other competitors. By using this friendly interface, you can find your required channels according to your needs.

Download capabilities:

It gives you a place to download or save your favorite movies, tv shows, or other media within the download manager.

One-stop-shop application:

All in one app. You can watch all the latest movies/programs and trends from over 40+ ott social networks online without any investment.


Pikashow supports almost all types of devices including smart tv for firefighters. You will get a very good feeling because the quality of the content is very good and well-divided. Pikashow is a one-stop shop for meeting all your entertainment and entertainment needs.

Application update

Various daily live-streaming apps are now available on the web. But most streaming apps are paid and full of ads. Pikashow APK is an application for streaming movies, live TV, live sports, TV programs, web series, and much more for free. The latest version of Pikashow has changed the lives of the modern generation of all classes. With this app, you can stream action movies hilarious, Hollywood movies to Bollywood movies via mobile network or Wi-Fi. You can download any content for your convenience without difficulty. This app allows you to stream your favorite programs and series from more than one location. To find out more, read below for some fun information about the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pikashow Dangerous?

Absolutely not, it will never harm your Mobile or Computer in any way. The app is easy and secure to install on any device you use.

What is a Pikashow?

It is an app for watching live TV, movies, dramas, TV shows, and other video content. You can watch Live Sports online with your favorite new movies from Bollywood or Hollywood. Currently, this app will run as an Android App on PC, MAC, and Linux.

Is Pikashow Dangerous?

Absolutely not, it will never harm your Mobile or Computer in any way. The app is easy and secure to install on any device you use.

Is this app available on a PC?

Yes, a PC is currently available. You can check to download and install on your Windows, MAC, or Linux on the go.

Pikashow Not Working Connection Errors [Fixed]

This post will be an educational release for users. I’m talking about topics like when the app doesn’t work on PC and Android. If you are one of them running the app on your Android or PC. You experience some problems while using the app. Now I will tell you how to fix such problems.

We all know that Pikashow is a platform for watching videos, TV shows, movies, live TV, and all the best things online. Well, let’s move on to fixing the above errors in your app. These errors will be before or after installation. The fixes we mentioned here will be for both users, Android and Computer users who will also do the repair right away.

How Can You Fix a Source Problem Under Pikashow?

In the past, go to problem-solving. Let’s talk about some of them in order to get the right salt. The most common mistake is a Pikahow connection error please check your internet connection. So, the question is in your mind how do I fix the connection error?

There may be a problem with your internet connection in a few cases but usually, the problem is not with the internet connection. So what is the reason for this and many other errors coming from your WiFi sometimes the source is low. All such answers will be part of this article and you can find the benefits of resolving them in your case.

How to Repair – Connection Error please check your internet connection:

99% of cases are not related to the Internet, and only 1% of them are related to this. If you are a user outside of India. You reach Pikashow outside the Indian state. Then you will find this error. here our team evaluates and evaluates all provinces by trying different strategies to implement the system.

You just have to turn on any VPN you use on your device. this applies to both PC and Android users. Turn on the VPN and open the app immediately to smooth your live TV experience.

Connection Error – Fixed

Error no internet connection or expiration. That’s why we can start the app right now. To fix the connection error at the beginning of the application.

So here is a simple trick you have used that can easily override the connection error. Before you start IPL games or any other live game you will watch. Open the app 5 or 10 minutes before starting the match. So just open it and wait for it this way you do not get any communication errors.

Make sure you use the latest version of Pikashow. Check your installed version and if you do not update the application, the results will be available. Try downloading the old version and I direct you to find the APK file right here. This will also enable your app to run without any problems.

Final Words

Last Guys, Using the Pikashow Tv APK, you can view all your favorite content; and various free international services. Once you have downloaded the official app, you can install this app multiple times because this application file will become part of your device’s system memory.

Provides high-quality content from large paid OTT platforms to free users. You will enjoy this interesting app in every aspect because of its amazing features. You can easily and quickly distribute your selected category. This app is the best choice for those people who love fun, exciting activities, and entertainment.

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